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Efficient climate control with our smart heating solutions in any environment...

Introduction to El-Björn heaters

El-Björn has been producing industry leading commercial heating products for over 70 years. Born out of decades of research and development, our heaters are specially designed to provide effective heating and drying solutions for construction sites, housing developments and industrial areas, as well as applications within large enclosed spaces such as; warehouses, retail, event spaces and similar places.

Our TF EL range of energy-efficient, commercial heating fan are designed to maximise the throw of warm air to its given environment. Powered by electricity, our TF EL heaters range in power and purpose, from our small 3kW 230V TF 3EL, for heating and drying smaller enclosed spaces, to our large 72kW 400V TF 72EL EBC, a behemoth of a machine designed to heat large open spaced buildings. This variety of products ensures we can cater to all types of project Heating solutions.

The most versatile heater in our TF EL range is the popular TF 18EL EBC, featuring two power setting of 9kW / 18kW, used as a stand alone unit for medium sized spaces or combined to provide an even distribution across larger spaces. This product uses a textile air distributor to make the unit easier to store.

All TF EL heaters offer; an air spread up to 360˚ of direction through their multi directional distributors, a robust and practical frame constructed with galvanised sheet steel, a corrosion-resistant powder coating, and easy operation through a user-friendly digital control panel (EBC models only) or mechanical control dials (all other models).

TF Electric Heaters are perfect for use in constructions sites, industrial areas, event spaces, warehouses, retail shops, workshops, and similar areas.

Our KH range of heaters are designed for fast deployment and portability, providing heat to small to medium enclosed areas. Ranging from our 2.5kW 230V KH2.5 to the 18KW KH18 these heaters provide a powerful flow of heater air which quickly circulates and heats up a given space.

The KH range come equipped with a large connection collar (allowing for the connection of additional ductwork to help better direct the flow of warm air to specific areas), a mechanical thermostat (to control the unit output temperature) and overheating protection technology (allowing the heater to safely run unattended without overheating within a dry work environment).

Created to be small, discrete and produce minimum noise, the KH range can be implemented as temporary or permanent heaters, ideal for use in; retail shops, warehouses, workshops, constructions sites, industrial areas, event spaces and similar areas.

High performance heaters, powered by hot water.

Our TF HW range uses hot water pumped through its internal heating pipework to heat the air, which is then distributed using the unit’s internal fan system. Working alongside our Boiler and water pump unit systems, our hot water heating fans require significantly less electrical energy than industrial electric heaters, able to run off a domestic 13A power supply for our smaller units, or a 16A supply for our larger units (See individual product specifications for full details).

Designed to maximise the throw of warm air to its given environment, the TF HW range are is equipped with distributor that spreads the air in 360° of direction. Robust and practical TF HW units are constructed with galvanised sheet steel and finished with a corrosion-resistant powder coating, making it easy to maintain and reposition when needed.

The TF HW range is perfectly suited for larger scale projects requiring multiple heater units (with access to adjacent outdoor space to house the accompanying boiler unit), such as; industrial environments, construction sites, warehouses and event spaces.

El-Björn offers a complete range of Power Distribution products that are developed to ensure electrical safety, quality, ease of use and long product life. Products include; our revolutionary Modular Distribution Units, Plug and play Socket Mains Distribution Units, power Transformers and a range of power cables to support all of our Power and Climate units.

Providing power to all of our El-Björn products and so much more, our selection of Energy Generators include the latest Stage V(5) Generators, (compliant with inner city construction legislations), Water Heating Boiler (feeding our TF HW heater range), and large scaled air chiller (feeding industrial air conditioning units).