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Innovative Power Generation and Distribution to your on site equipment...

Introduction to El-Björn Power

At El-Björn, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services and simplify the customer experience. The introduction of our Power and Distribution product range has allowed us to offer an all-encompassing service, from power source to electrical unit. Generate power with our range of the latest Stage V(5) Diesel Generators, compliant with inner city power emissions requirements. Manage power distribution to your on site units through; our revolutionary Modular Distribution Units (MOD.DU) – customisable to suit the needs of your project through a selection of easily connectable Modular socket outlets, or our plug and play Socket Mains Distribution Units (SMDU) – useful for rapid temporary deployment of onsite power. Power our wide selection of industry leading commercial Heaters, Coolers, and Drying Units.

The El-Björn MOD.DU system is a modular, interchangeable distribution system rated from 125A-630A. The revolutionary design allows you to quickly customise your distribution board and adapt to your projects power needs in real time.

The main MOD.DU enclosure consists of an MCCB incomer and a series of modules incorporating either; an MCCB for direct outgoing cable connection, Powerlock connections for high current plug-and-play applications, or commando socket outlets. Custom modules such as changeover switches are also available upon request.

Live testing sockets are provided on the incomer of each distribution unit as standard. Each module has segregation from the live busbars and each adjacent module, allowing cable connection to modules to be carried out independently, minimising onsite downtime.

MOD.DU’s are perfect for use in:

  • Areas needing rapid deployment of adaptable power systems
  • Large Events Venues
  • Temporary Construction Site Services
  • Plant Hire & General Industry

At El-Björn UK Ltd, we supply off-grid, temporary power generation with the latest High Efficiency Stage V (Stage 5) Diesel Generator compliant for inner city construction legislations active in locations such as London, Birmingham and Manchester.

We have a range of canopied generators, sized from 17kvA to 200kVA, supported by a selection of bunded fuel tanks, available with our fuel management packages tailored to the needs of your business. The perfect power solution where grid power is unavailable, unreliable or just too expensive to connect.

El-Björn UK Ltd are well positioned to provide effective fuel management packages for your project from our 3 UK locations; Surrey, Rochdale and Glasgow.

All generators are perfect for use in:

  • Construction sites
  • Events Venues
  • Temporary workspaces
  • Plant Hire & General Industry

When rapid deployment of power is required onsite, at an event or temporary workplace, our patented IP44 commando Socket Mains Distribution Units (SMDU) come in a range of configurations ready to provide power. Ranging from 125A down to 16A and available with digital LED voltage and amperage indicators.
Housed in a robust aluminium enclosure with a folding stand and padlockable door, bespoke configurations can also be catered for. Available for hire and purchase.

SMDU’s are perfect for use in:

  • Areas needing rapid deployment of plug and play power systems
  • Temporary Construction Site Services
  • Plant Hire & General Industry
  • Events Venues

Interchangeable modules are available for hire or purchase in various configurations. If a module configuration is not available as a standard item, our innovation department can produce bespoke modules to suit your requirements.

Site Power and Lighting Transformers are manufactured in accordance with BS4363:1998 and provide a 110V Reduced Low Voltage (RLV) supply to BS7671 (IET 18th Edition Wiring Regulations). Available in; 5 kVA or 10 kVA, single phase or 3 phase, and with outgoing RCD options.