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70 years of innovation, hard work and great team building...

Products, Processes and People

Power Products by El-Björn

After more than 70 years of innovation, hard work and great team building, El-Björn is a strong and forward-looking company. We have the entire Nordic region as our home market and are also gaining ground in other parts of Europe. We set the standard for the industry, and we intend to continue doing so.
For us, innovation is not just about products. It is also about improving the way we work and developing as individuals. Products, processes and people.

El-Björn is strong in product development and we have an especially good lead in sustainability and energy saving. These aspects will become more and more important, so it pays to be at the forefront.

Power Products by El-Björn
Multuple air cooled water chillers installation


Multuple air cooled water chillers installation

Our products and know-how mean that we can increasingly offer complete solutions to help customers set up their work sites as effectively as possible. To help us do this we use tools such as 3D visualization software and a product configurator, as well as linking products with digital services for better monitoring and control. We want to make the whole process easy for customers and create opportunities to improve competitiveness with simple tools.

Effective product development demands smart processes. We have therefore developed a project method that allows us to more quickly identify and produce what the market needs, without compromising on quality or our integrated approach.

Humanist Perspective

Our project method also means that more people can contribute. This is good for projects and for individuals. El-Björn takes a humanist view and we want to find the best in everyone. Talented employees and good relationships are the foundations of our business.

The Future

Cooling Towers

Over the next few years we intend to focus on our core business and our home markets. We aim to be the first choice in the Nordic market and continue to develop in a few other markets. We hope you will follow us on our journey!

Conny Hansson, CEO of El-Björn
Our Values

At El-Björn we are fully focused on our products being characterised by the greatest possible functionality, quality and safety.


Through working with comprehensive solutions we optimise the total functionality of our products. We do this through taking advantage of experiences for effective product development which gives benefits in everyday use. The functionality of every El-Björn product is checked before delivering, random testing is not an option. All products are supplied with complete documentation (for example, front drawings, single line diagrams and component lists).

We uphold reality-based design and product development. This involves, among others a meticulous search for first-class materials and components, for example, hot-dip galvanized steel, stable and UV- resistant thermoplastic and alu-zinc sheet in the centres. Only recognized component suppliers are used.

We place the highest demands on the safety of our products. Accordingly, we implement the safety testing demanded and ensure conformity to industry standards on all markets in question. In addition, all products are officially classified, e.g. with regard to ingress protection. Traceability procedures can be found in both production and purchasing.