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15kW Internal AHU

15kW Internal AHU



Excellent for both cooling and heating
Variable speed fans with adjustable louvres
Easy Installation, plug and play
Perfect for marquees, events, data centres, server rooms and more


This product can be hired. Send your enquiry to receive a rental quote. 


Powerful & Efficient Air Handling Unit


Our powerful 15kW Internal Air Handling Unit (AHU) offers up to 1,200m3/hr of airflow, providing cooling (air conditioning) or heating to large spaces. Functioning by passing either cold or hot water through its internal coil system, this unit can create a pleasant climate in a very short amount of time, perfectly suited for office spaces, events venues, warehouses and workshops. The slimline design and small footprint of the 15kW AHU allows it to fit seamlessly into areas with limited available floor space.

For operation, the 15kW AHU requires a chilled water or hot water source to be connected to the unit’s coil. This can be achieved by combining the unit with a Chiller or Boiler, or by connecting the unit to an existing hot and cold water system. With variable fan speed control, flexible connections, and a trailing 13A domestic 3pin plug, the 15kW AHU is effective whilst remaining energy efficient in its operation, allowing it to be easily applied to multiple applications with fast installation speed.

Recommended for use in combination with our Extension Lead HO5VV 240V 13A 14M


Available for HIRE across the UK.

Cooling Capacity 17.6 kW
Heating Capacity 32 kW
Water In Temp 7 C°
Water Out Temp 12 C°
Water flow 60 l/s
Power Supply 240/1/50 V/ph/Hz
Power input 0.5 kW
Air Circulation 1200 m³/hr
Control Types Remote
Air Filter Types Antibacterial
Fan SISW-Forward Curve
Motor (Rating /Insulation) IP-24/Class-B
Tested Pressure 450 Psi
Working Pressure 250 Ps
Supply Line 1” Camlock Inch
Return Line 1” Camlock Inch
Condense Drain 19.1 (3/4) mm Inch
Weight 60 kg
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 355 x 600 x 1900