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PART.NO. GB12160

£1,350.00 excl. VAT


Durable Rotomolded housing
Fan runs continuously
Configurable between; 230V 13A, 230V 16A and 110V 32A plug types.
Lightweight & robust design allows for use in both residential and commercial applications


£1,350.00 excl. VAT


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Effective Commercial Dehumidifiers


Condensing dehumidification is a well-proven method for quickly and conveniently reduce the level of water in the air of a given area, and extract water from surrounding materials. At El-Björn our highly effective dehumidifier units are the result of over 30 years of hard work and development by our experienced engineers to produce a market leading product. Designed for continuous use within the demanding conditions of construction sites and industrial areas, this unit can also be configured with the following connection accessories:

  • 230V 13A plug – Suitable for Domestic and Office use
  • 230V 16A plug – Suitable for Construction Site and Industrial use
  • 110V 32A plug – Suitable for Construction Site and Industrial use


The process of condensing dehumidification can take varying lengths of time, depending on the air humidity and the temperature in the closed space. The time period can be dramatically reduced by raising the temperature in the given area, releasing moisture into the air for the dehumidifier to capture. Whist the RM85 does generate a certain amount of heat, for optimum performance it is recommended to be used in combination with one of our heater units. You can view our range of heating products here.

Recommended for use in combination the following cabled:


Available for PURCHASE and HIRE across the UK.

Incoming Cable Length / Area Cable / Connector 5m / - / -
Voltage 110V or 230V
Energy consumption 680 kWh/kg
Air flow 390 m³/h
Noise level 52 dB(A)
Refrigerant R454C
Working range Temp. +3 - +35 °C
Protection class IPX4
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 945 x 545 x 492
Weight tot 48 kg
Capacity at 20°C 60%RH 20.2 l/24h
Capacity at 27°C 60%RH 30.0 l/24h
Capacity at 30°C 80%RH 47.9 l/24h