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A155 Drying Room Dehumidifier

PART.NO. E8745027

£2,880.00 excl. VAT


Energy-saving heating technology
Creates a moisture and mold-free drying room
Gentle low-temperature drying process
High airflow


£2,880.00 excl. VAT


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Fast and Gentle, Commercial Drying Room Dehumidifiers


The A155 is an energy efficient Drying Room Dehumidifier which creates a moisture and mould free environment with a gentle temperature drying process, providing short drying times with minimal energy usage. Suitable for areas from to 8m2 upwards, the A155 comes with an inbuilt temperature control, water extraction connection valve and an external fan power connection.

The A155 works in connection with an external fan (optional extra), which circulates the air within a given space for it to be captured by the dehumidifier unit. The air flows through the A155 where the moisture is extracted and removed through its drainage system (external drainage connections needed). The dry air is then gently heated to temperatures up to 38°C and expelled back into the given space providing a warm and dry environment.

This combination of heating and dehumidification is a well-proven method for quickly and conveniently reduce the level of water in the air of a given area, and extract water from surrounding materials, providing the perfect conditions for a drying clothing, possessions or providing a dry and comfortable environment in wellness units.


Available for PURCHASE and HIRE across the UK.

Incoming Connectable area Cu 1,5 - 4 mm²
Incoming Min fuse 10 A
Voltage 3N~400 V
Rated power 5400 W
Additional heating 4000 W
Air flow 1300 m³/h
Noise level 61 dB(A)
Refrigerant Amount / Type 870g/R134a
Working range Temp. +15 - +38 °C
Protection class IPX4
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 1498x470x370
Weight 70 kg
Capacity at 26°C 70%RH 72 l/24h