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TS120D Drying Cabinet

TS120D Drying Cabinet

PART.NO. E9200001

£4,950.00 excl. VAT


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£4,950.00 excl. VAT


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El-Björn drying cabinets offer a space-saving and energy-saving solution. Thanks to heat pump technology and a completely closed drying process with no need for air extraction they meet high standards. Shoe rack and hooks for small garments.

The TS 120D is a dehumidifying drying cabinet that dries the air in a closed space, which requires minimal heating and hence low energy consumption. The drying process can be adjusted to give the desired balance between speed and low energy use. The drying cabinet has a low noise level of just 56 dB(A). The tilting design of the drying rack provides the highest drying capacity on the market for an equivalent 1.20 m cabinet. Installation and maintenance are fast and straightforward, thanks partly to the removable panels on the casing.

Incoming Connectable area Cu 1,5 - 4 mm²
Rated current 10 A
Voltage 3N~400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Additional heating 1500 W
Noise level 56 dB(A)
Refrigerant Amount / Type 900g / R134a
Protection class IP44
Dimensions H x W x D (mm) 2050 x 1200 x 600
Weight1 95 kg
Drying time 60 min
Energy consumption 0,28 kWh/kg