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PART.NO. EB14640

£1,530.00 excl. VAT


Electronic thermostat for room temperature control
High temperature increase (ΔT) and large air flows for maximum energy efficiency
G4 standard filter
Automatic cool-down extends product life
Lockable, password-protected display


£1,530.00 excl. VAT


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Energy Efficient, Electric Commercial Heater


An energy-efficient, commercial heating fan, designed to maximise the throw of warm air to its given environment. Featuring two power settings; 4.5kW / 9kW, The TF 9EL EBC is equipped with three adjustable ejectors, able maintain a constant temperature in areas up to 175m². Robust, practical and lightweight the TF 9EL EBC is constructed with galvanised sheet steel and finished with a corrosion-resistant powder coating, making it easy to maintain and reposition when needed. Operated through a user-friendly digital control panel mounted on the front of the machine, allowing you to easily change the temperature and fan speed of the unit.

TF 9EL is the ideal heating unit for use in smaller open areas or in combination with our TF 18EL units for use in constructions sites, industrial areas, event spaces, warehouses, retail shops, workshops, and similar areas.

Recommended for use in combination with our Extension Lead HO7RN-F 16A 10M or Extension Lead HO7RN-F 16A 25M


Available for PURCHASE and HIRE across the UK.

Incoming 5-pol/400V 16A CEE 416-6 1 pcs
Rated current 13 A
Voltage 3N~400V V
Total thermal power 9 kW
Output modes 4,5-9 kW
Air flow 1500/1000 m³/h
Temperature increase 38/25 °C
Noise level 61/54 dB(A)
Weight tot 32,5 kg
Weight top 16 kg
Weight bottom 16,5 kg
Dimensions excl. distributor H x W x D (mm) 700x440x460 mm
Dimensions incl. distributor H x W x D 940x440x460 mm
Protection class IP44
Seasonal average efficiency (ηs) 36%